During the development of any building, the application of floor screed is one of the most important stages of laying a new floor. Screed is a mixture of sand, water, cement and other sand-based aggregates, which helps to create a sturdy, even layer of flooring – a perfect base for any flooring finish. But how much does it cost to screed a floor?

Factors Affecting the Cost of Floor Screed

There are factors that should be considered when pricing a floor screed project. These include:

  • Type of screed used
  • Quality of the screed
  • Depth of screed required
  • Overall size of the floor
  • Accessibility
  • Drying and trafficking time of the screed
  • How many people are working on the project
  • Geographic location in the UK

Due to these factors, it can be difficult to get an exact figure from an online calculator. However, while there are many variables, it helps to have a general figure to use when you are planning your project. Look at this rough guide:

  • Traditional screed costs between £11 and £14 per square metre, based on a thickness of 75mm covering 125 square metres per day.
  • Flow screed costs between £10 and £16 per square metre, based on a thickness of 50mm covering up to 1,500 square metres daily.

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To obtain an exact quotation for your floor screed project, it’s best to contact a professional for a quote.


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